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    NVC is transitioning from a brick and mortar store
    to online only. See below for details

    balance, health and vitality

    Our Mission

    The Natural Vitality Center is committed to providing holistic, integrative healing based on the best of conventional medicine and proven alternative and complementary therapies to address the whole person--body, mind and spirit.

    restore balance to the body
  • Holistic Nutritional Therapy

    Our intention is to support patients wanting to make substantive lifestyle changes by educating, empowering, and leading.

    healthy eating


To all of our customers:

Natural Vitality and Vaughan Integrative Medicine would like to thank you for your patience during this transition. We know many of you have been concerned about when and how to get quality supplements from us. Instead of waiting until March, we have come up with a long term solution that will make your future supplement purchases seamless.

As you know, the majority of our supplements come from either Xymogen or Emerson. Brands Dr. Vaughan trusts. So, we felt it most appropriate for our customers to go right to the source. The supplements will be shipped online directly to your home.

What you have to do:

Xymogen: CLICK HERE to go to Xymogen’s website. Click on “I have a Referral Code” and Sign On using the Referral Code: VIM1301 and Practitioner’s last name: Vaughan. These codes are case sensitive.

Emerson: CLICK HERE to go to Emerson/Wellevate’s website. Then register with your email.

If you have any questions after January 19th please contact Colleen Carden at: 336-808-3627 x212. Until then, Contact Joel at the Natural Vitality center for any inquiries about these changes.

It's been a pleasure getting to know our wonderful customers over the years and we will miss you immensely! We wish you balance, health and vitality!

~ Kathryn and Joel

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