Welcome to The Countdown!

Fantastic new things are coming to NVC, including a brand new website launching on February 1*, and we're celebrating their advent with a countdown of giveaways! 

*We were HOPING for a February 1 launch, but our web developers are still working. We've reset the countdown clock to March 2**, and we're keeping our fingers crossed to be able to launch before then!

**Well, crossing our fingers didn't work! Know that we're doing all we can to move the process along, and we ARE making progress! It won't be much longer!

In the meantime, we'll keep the special deals, giveaways and promotions coming! In order to qualify to win, you must make sure you're registered. All the details are below.

What Can I Win?

Free shipping for life

Free shipping for life

Free shipping for life


Several lucky subscribers will win free 

USPS Priority shipping for life! 

referral rewards

Free shipping for life

Free shipping for life


Registered Subscribers will receive bonus rewards for every new member they refer to NVC!

free gift giveaways

Free shipping for life

Free vitality club membership


 We'll be giving away some really cool gifts all season as we count down the website launch!

Free vitality club membership

$50 off your supplement purchase

Free vitality club membership


 Extra savings and benefits are in store for our Vitality Club members. Everyone who registers during our countdown gets a 

free trial membership!  

$50 off your supplement purchase

$50 off your supplement purchase

$50 off your supplement purchase


Registered Subscribers who follow us 

on Facebook and share our Countdown Posts 

qualify for a chance to win $50 

toward a future NVC purchase!

Vouchers for extra savings

$50 off your supplement purchase

$50 off your supplement purchase


 Win as much as 50% off your purchase! 

Vouchers will be awarded in varying amounts, and we can hardly wait to give them away! 

Register for the Countdown

Additional Information

As we prepare for the exciting new changes coming to NVC, we want to make sure that our newsletters and promotions are actually going out to real people. We inherited a large number of subscribers from a very old list of followers of Dr. Vaughan, and we're just not sure many of them even know who we are. In this age of adbots, robocalls, phishing, and malware, we just don't place much trust in the anonymous subscriber.

Natural Vitality Center is in the business of fostering real relationships with our customers so we can provide the absolute best in customer service and make sure we're providing you with the items and information you need. To that end, we're launching this countdown campaign to make sure folks know who we are and that we value our customers above all else, so as we count down the days to our new website (and new domain--shhh! Its a secret) we want to include all our valued customers in the celebration. 

To Register, subscribers must submit their email address, Full Name (First and Last), Mailing Address, and phone number through the contact form found here.

Subscribers may also include their birth date if they wish to receive a voucher for 10% off a supplement purchase during the month of their birthday.

Free Shipping for Life

At least three registered subscribers will win free shipping for life. This means that any time they place a supplement order, NVC will pay for USPS Priority shipping.

Referral Rewards

NVC will reward registered subscribers with a $10 voucher any time they refer a new customer who spends at least $100 on their first order. "New customer" also includes former customers who haven't made a purchase in at least two years. The new customer will also receive $10 off that purchase.

Free Gift Giveaways

At least three registered subscribers will win a free gift valuing anywhere from $25-$150.

Vitality Club Membership

All registered subscribers will be awarded a three-month free trial membership of our new Vitality Club Premium Membership. Membership details will be released upon the launch of the new NVC website in December. Learn more about Vitality Club membership here.

Facebook Rewards

At least two registered subscribers who like, share, and tag the "Reward Post" will win a $50 reward to be applied to a future NVC supplement purchase.

Vouchers for Extra Savings

At least five registered subscribers will win a voucher for extra savings off a future NVC supplement purchase.

Winners of all promotions will be published on NVC's Facebook page, NVC's email newsletter, and on NVC's website.